Firstly, when choosing a handmade soap one should pay attention to the expiration date. Since soap includes natural ingredients, fragrances, oils, the storage life can vary from six months to a year. The next thing you should pay attention to is how the included ingredients of soap match your skin type. So the bar with strawberries or melon is suitable for dry, dehydrated skin, while soap with a tea tree or grapefruit is for oily one. Those, who have sensitive skin, might pay attention to products with oat flakes and vanilla or apricot pits and cocoa.

Since handmade soap can be of hundreds species, it should be recommended in each case. It is better to read about components, which make certain effect on the skin, and then make a purchase. In addition, it is important to take into account the individual intolerance of certain plant components.

If you are using a new type of handmade soap for the first time, it is better to start with hand washing. Let’s see how ingredients treat your skin. Only then lather your cheek or forehead. Wait for reaction for 5-10 minutes, and then you can continue to wash.