Handmade soap is a unique cosmetic product that has a beneficial effect on the skin due to the content of natural oils, plant extracts, honey, milk, oat flakes, dried flowers and other useful components. In case of improper storage of soap, it may lose its attractive appearance and value. To avoid this, one needs to follow simple rules.

There are 5 main recommendations for proper storage:

– It is better to store cosmetic product in a sealed package, preferably in a food wrap or parchment paper;

– Open soap can be stored in a tightly closed container. The main thing is not putting it in pieces with different smells, to avoid mixing them;

– The handmade soap should be placed in a dry dark place, protected from direct sunlight.

– The optimum temperature range may vary from 15 to 25 C;

– While using the product, it needs to be put in a dry soap dish so that it won’t soften.

It is advisable to start using handmade soap immediately after its unwrapping. The use of a cosmetic product in the recommended time will allow you to fully enjoy its aroma and get the most out of the natural ingredients.