Shiny handmade soap

Shiny handmade soap
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

To decorate handmade soap and give it even more originality, glitters and pearls are well suited. Of course, their use will not add naturalness to the soap, but the finished product will look very beautiful and bright.

Glitters are multi-colored powders made from very finely chopped sequins. These sequins do not spoil the effect of using soap, they do not add a scrub effect to the soap, but can only serve for decorative purposes. Chunky glitter bulk can be bought online. You just need to click to the style, color, shape option you like and make a purchase.

The most successful glitters look in a transparent base. Glitters are quite heavy and can settle on the bottom. To avoid this, do not rush to pour the liquid base into the mold, let it cool down a little, when the base begins to cover with a film and harden again, mix the glitters in the soap base so that the sequins are well distributed, then pour the base into the mold. You decide what is color shift glitter be.

Pearl pigment can also very effectively decorate handmade soap, it will give the soap shine and a transfusion of shades of color. To avoid the appearance of undissolved lumps in the finished soap, it is recommended to dissolve a small amount of pigment in glycerin or base oil in advance. In a tightly closed bottle, this solution can be stored for several months. Pearl looks beautiful in both transparent and matte soap base, they are well distributed over the entire volume of soap and do not settle. Please note that pearl, like other pigments, have a feature of clouding the transparent base and making it matte. If you want to preserve the transparency of the finished soap, it is recommended to use food dyes in combination with glitters.